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US-2011313020-A1: UsiRNA Complexes patent, US-2012036459-A1: Apparatuses and Methods for Arranging and Manipulating Menu Items patent, US-2012121932-A1: Molecular Layer Deposition Process For Making Organic Or Organic-Inorganic Polymers patent, US-2012276353-A1: Gas barrier film, apparatus, and process for producing gas barrier film patent, US-2013079256-A1: Filtration Control Agent And A Drilling Fluid Containing The Same patent, US-2013127330-A1: Oxynitride-based phosphor and light emitting device including the same patent, US-2013156693-A1: Anti-tat226 antibodies and immunoconjugates patent, US-2013161102-A1: Drill Bit For Use In Boring A Wellbore And Subterranean Fracturing patent, US-2013186630-A1: Low residue formation fracturing patent, US-2013202631-A1: Composition for preventing or treating liver diseases, containing plant stem cell lines derived from the cambium of panax ginseng including mountain ginseng or ginseng as active ingredient patent, US-2013336082-A1: Area and power efficient clock generation patent, US-2014142560-A1: Ophthalmic surgical device for capsulotomy patent, US-2014186132-A1: Twist drill tips, precursor constructions for use in making same, and methods for making and using same patent, US-2014237904-A1: Cvi bonded and coated pcbn to wc tool body patent, US-2015001929-A1: Power transformation system patent, US-2015031127-A1: Self-assembled nanostructures patent, US-2015053918-A1: Light-emitting diode with current-spreading region patent, US-2015069969-A1: Battery charging graphical user interface for wireless power transfer patent, US-2015070670-A1: Correction of errors caused by ambient non-uniformities in a fringe-projection autofocus system in absence of a reference mirror patent, US-2010154885-A1: Thin film solar cell and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2010201961-A1: System For Improving Critical Dimension Uniformity patent, US-2010231511-A1: Interactive media system with multi-directional remote control and dual mode camera patent, US-2011008143-A1: Feeding device and method for bars patent, US-2011315378-A1: Insulating or modified conductivity casing in casing string patent, US-2012004597-A1: Medical device for injecting fluid into a body patent, US-2012012134-A1: Method for cleaning electronic material and device for cleaning electronic material patent, US-2012020645-A1: Information processing apparatus, information recording medium, information processing method, and program patent, US-2012061209-A1: Conveyor module, particularly for a band conveyor, with improved means for connecting additional members patent, US-2012099444-A1: Interference control patent, US-2012159928-A1: System and method for introducing a reductant agent patent, US-2012308887-A1: Rechargeable batteries patent, US-2012325053-A1: Apparatus and methods for producing direct reduced iron patent, US-2013001504-A1: Nonvolatile memory element and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2013022915-A1: Resist composition and method for producing resist pattern patent, US-2013050615-A1: Local dimming backlight unit and display device incorporating same patent, US-2013124563-A1: Controlling pre-fetching of map data tiles based on selectable parameters patent, US-2013139647-A1: Partially-reduced iron producing method and partially-reduced iron producing apparatus patent, US-2013161270-A1: Sewage solids separator and dewatering plant patent, US-2013215948-A1: Adaptive transmission and receiving method and device in wireless communication system with multiple antennas patent, US-2013236782-A1: Electrode patent, US-2013253306-A1: System, method and facility for reducing pediatric patient anxiety during medical diagnostic imaging procedures patent, US-2013288181-A1: Drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article patent, US-2014174512-A1: Production method of hole blocking layer, hole blocking layer, photoelectric conversion element, photoelectric conversion device, organic thin-film solar cell panel, and light-emitting device patent, US-2014266943-A1: Antenna alignment adjustment mechanism patent, US-2014301900-A1: Apparatus for disinfecting and sanitizing brushes patent, US-2015045296-A1: Method for treating diabetic retinopathy patent, US-2010126450-A1: Camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine with improved design of the pressure chambers patent, US-2010217643-A1: Mass Request Organization System patent, US-2010228688-A1: Optical determination and reporting of gas properties patent, US-2010245247-A1: Illuminating plug and battery charger using the same and mouse using the same patent, US-2010280354-A1: Guided puncturing needle and puncturing guiding method patent, GB-625769-A: Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of iron, steel and non-ferrous castings patent, US-2010297210-A1: Repair and treatment of bone defect using agent produced by chondrocytes capable of hypertrophication and scaffold patent, US-2011056847-A1: Ion concentration measurement system and methods thereof patent, US-2011118888-A1: System, Device and Method for Managing a Power Distribution Network patent, US-2011255162-A1: Optical films and methods of making the same patent, US-2011298669-A1: Low frequency dual-antenna diversity system patent, US-2012000199-A1: Positive displacement rotary vane engine patent, US-2012004407-A1: Metal complexes having azaborol ligands and electronic device having the same patent, US-2012156343-A1: System and Method for Managing the Generation of Brewed Beverages Using Shared Resources patent, US-2012226687-A1: Query Expansion for Web Search patent, US-2012282690-A1: Atmosphere control composition patent, US-2012324874-A1: Independent supply and exhaust metering within a valve casting patent, US-2013016544-A1: Method and Device for Controlling a Configurable Power Supply patent, US-2013029436-A1: Method of fabricating semiconductor device patent, US-2013107541-A1: Illumination structure and assembly method of light base and cover patent, US-2013116070-A1: I-beam construction in a hockey blade core patent, US-2013151531-A1: Systems and methods for scalable topic detection in social media patent, US-2013163204-A1: Display device and assembly method thereof patent, US-2013234081-A1: Oxide sintered compact and sputtering target patent, US-2014037050-A1: Patient localization system patent, US-2014109517-A1: Pressure reinforced plastic container and related method of processing a plastic container patent, US-2014159648-A1: Power Quality Enhancement patent, US-2014199447-A1: System and method for continuously coating confectionary product patent, US-2015011020-A1: System and method for detection of target substances patent, US-2015049450-A1: Electronic device and method of manufacturing electronic device patent, US-2010170940-A1: Device for Soldering in the Vapor Phase patent, US-2010191570-A1: Loyalty reward program simulators patent, US-2010202486-A1: Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and method of manufacturing thereof patent, US-2010266263-A1: Recording apparatus patent, US-2010303377-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer readable medium patent, US-2010323145-A1: Addition reaction-curable silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape patent, US-2011052953-A1: Negative electrode, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2011066974-A1: Method and apparatus for providing reminders associated with calendar event data patent, US-2012017980-A1: Photovoltaic panel and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2012059316-A1: Coating Process for Drug Delivery Balloons Using Heat-Induced Rewrap Memory patent, US-2012080877-A1: Systems and methods for creating optical effects on media patent, US-2012139892-A1: Liquid crystal display patent, US-2012153065-A1: Retraction Apparatus patent, US-2012232457-A1: Systems and Methods for Homeostatically Treating Organ Disease Using Local Delivery of Therapeutic Agents patent, US-2012250526-A1: Method and Apparatuses for Data Transfer within a Relay Enhanced Telecommunication Network patent, US-2012320328-A1: Field emission panel having posts provided in getter room patent, US-2013063468-A1: Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program patent, US-2013134242-A1: Planetary mill and method of milling patent, US-2013161268-A1: Chemical feeder including dilution control system patent, US-2013201706-A1: Circuit module, light emitting module, and automotive lamp patent, US-2013213461-A1: Photovoltaic cell and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2013213656-A1: Aqueous-Based Insulating Fluids and Related Methods patent, US-2013222893-A1: Image lens with high resolution and small distance patent, US-2013315954-A1: Method for improving the production of influenza viruses and vaccine seeds patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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